Regional Rural Tourism, making presence in the XI Region of Aysen.
We are a Sustainable company with a Seal of Tourist Quality

Buen viaje.

"Buen Viaje" Tour operator of the region of Aysen. It is a family tourism company that receives, advises and attends to those who visit us. It has a wide range of services, focused on showing rural tourism with integrated services, bringing tourist attractions, cultures, traditions, pioneer human heritage and gauchos with our visitors.

It was born in 2010, when visitors rarely arrived, when tourism was very unknown, but believing that we are a pristine and little-known region in Chile and the world. Sustainable practices have been used since the beginning and for this reason the idea of Certification was born with the S seal. We currently have the Q quality tourism seal, which has allowed us to raise our level of service, quality standards, safety and management.

Currently we practice sustainability in the following aspects:

  1. We privilege the regional workforce, and local service providers.

  2. We practice inclusion social tourism. We currently have an agreement with the Gendarmerie of Chile (CAIS) Coyhaique headquarters. Tour services are made to the rehabilitated, who are fulfilling their debt with the society to know and value their cultural environment that surrounds them to raise awareness and integrate them in equality. Considering that all people have the same rights, opportunities and access to the different service areas and especially tourism, since they can enter, circulate, use and leave a tourist space in a safe, comfortable way, with the right to enjoy, without discriminating race, economic, social condition, and especially with the care and respect of our natural, social and cultural environment.

  1. We have special rates for residents of our beloved Patagonia Aysén, to motivate you to know your region to break the sedentary lifestyle, hinting that purchasing power is not a limitation to move from one place to another.

  2. We have a mini bus for transport services, which is homologated, which are governed by the Euro 5 Regulation, reducing by 80% the emission of polluting particles and harmful to the environment and health.

Sustainability Policy

Changes will be determined for our sustainability policy and functions will be added in the following aspects.

  1. Ensure a quality experience for our visitors

  2. Waste management plan, minimizing its generation, whenever possible.

  3. Take measures in purchases to reduce the use of disposable items.

  4. Plan to promote the efficient use and maintenance of water, tourist attractions and natural resources.

  5. Search for energy efficiency solutions.

  6. Transmit knowledge of the environmental importance and biodiversity that our region has to tourists and visitors.

  7. Promote the development of local culture.

  8. Privilege the trade of regional, homemade and natural products.

  9. To condemn the exploitation of human beings, in particular of children and adolescents.

  10. Promote and operate based on the principles of Fair Trade.

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